Our new web address is http://www.26squadron.co.za.  The old address will be kept live as long as possible.
Welcome to 26 Squadron SAAF (WW II)
This is an unofficial site dedicated to 26 Squadron SAAF that was based in Takoradi, Ghana (Gold Coast) on the West Coast of Africa during World War II.  The site was created as a tribute to all the the brave young men, aircrew and groundcrew, that were involved with 26 Squadron. It has been quite difficult finding information about this squadron so this is a place were we can collect information, stories and pictures to create a central resource for anyone with an interest in the squadron or crew members.

If anyone has photos, stories, history, insignia or ANY relevant information at all, please do contact us. We would also be delighted to add a tribute and memorial page to honour any crew member.
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