Georges Bernard Janssens
1901 - 1943

Georges Bernard Janssens was a Belgian Officer assigned to 26 Squadron SAAF. Sadly he was killed on the 7th November 1943 when his Wellington, MP591, crashed into the sea shortly after take-off for patrol from Takoradi. There were no survivors.



General Information


Date of birth

13th June 1901

Place of birth


First name of father


Name of mother

Romaine de Mey

Name of spouse

Flora de Wulf

Military service number



Military Ranks


War volunteer – Private


Corporal - Student Pilot

1st September 1922

Sergeant – Aviator

16th May 1923

First Sergeant - Aviator

4th November 1923

2nd Lieutenant - Aviator (appointed)

1st July 1942


Honourable Decorations


·          The Victory Medal, 22 August 1921

·          The Commemorative Medal of the War 1914 – 1918, 22 August 1921

·          The War Cross 1940 with leaf (Posthumous)

·          The African War Medal 1940 – 1945, Royal Decree dated 17th September 1947 (Posthumous)

·          The Cross of Knight in the Order of Leopold, Decree of the Royal Prince Nr. 585 dated 6th March 1951 (Posthumous)

·          The Commemorative Medal of the War 1940 – 1945, 6th Mars 1951 (Posthumous)

·          The Medal of Volunteer 1940 – 1945, Ministerial Decision dated 5th July 1951 (Posthumous)


Military Service


·          Enlisted as a war volunteer and present with the 1st Regiment Carabiniers, 27th October 1918

·          With indefinite leave, 6th December 1919

·          Present with the 1st Regiment Carabiniers, 8th May 1920

·          With indefinite leave, 12th May 1920

·          Enlisted for two year and transferred to the Military Aviation, 16th May 1922

·          With indefinite leave, 20th May 1924


Military Service in the Armed Colonial Forces (La Force Publique)


See Photo Gallery : Overzicht Diensten Weermacht - Attestation



(We would like to extend our thanks to the Belgian Defence Attaché for material supplied to us.)