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Subject:  News

Date:       3rd December 2012

From:      Bruce

I canít believe that another year is nearly over! 

The 26 Squadron website finally has a Ďrealí home.  Up till now it has been hosted on my personal hosting. It now has itís own dedicated domain and more appropriate URL ( Because quite a few external sites link to it, the old URL will be maintained for some time to come.

Tom Lumb Habergham has recently been added to the Crews section, the material being kindly provided by his nephew Bill Habergham.


Subject:  News

Date:       27th June 2011

From:      Bruce


The last year has not been good to me and this is the only reason why there hasnít been much done on the site. I am still just as keen as ever to see it grow and hopefully this will be happening on a regular basis again soon.  Due to a notebook crash, much work was lost but Iím rebuilding it as quickly as I can. Please feel free to contact me with any related comments, queries or to contribute material.


Subject:  News

Date:       30th March 2010

From:      Bruce


Sorry for the lack of recent updates, life has been a little hectic business wise, health wise and even relocating to the coast (Hermanus) for a project.  The good news is that I have a new bunch of photos that will be scanned & added to the site in due course, as time permits.  If thereís anyone out there that can also contribute anything to the site, PLEASE do!


Subject:  Updates

Date:       5th December 2009

From:      Bruce


Two new crew members have been added. Robert (Bob) Lee Peace and Errol Rosenberg.  I had the privilege of meeting Errol recently. He turned 90 this year and still runs his own business!


Subject:  Updates

Date:       14th October 2009

From:      Bruce


The site has had a few small updates, in particular, a few stories have been added to the ďStoriesĒ page. Please contribute your material for this page, full credit will be given to authors. 


Subject:  Thank you all

Date:       11th June 2009

From:      Bruce (Webmaster)


Just a brief thank you to the friends of 26 Squadron that have contributed info, photos etc for the site. The Squadron is also much more easily found when using search engines. It is ďlinked toĒ by many more sites and hopefully the trickle of new contacts will continue and so too the new material that is gradually coming to light.


Subject:  Wikipedia Page Deleted

Date:       1st May 2009

From:      Bruce (Webmaster)


I tried to put a 26 Squadron page on to Wikipedia, but Russ (Ríníb) kindly deleted it for me because I wasnít quick enough in figuring out the technicalities of proving that I am actually the author. While we try to sort that out Iíve just put it back as a stub (Wikipedia speak for a very brief article). Hopefully that wonít be deleted!


Subject:  SAAF 26 Squadron Web Site

Date:       5th March 2009

From:      Bruce (Webmaster)


Well, there is finally a website for SAAF 26 Squadron!


Itís been a lot of hard work (for an amateur) but itís definitely worth it to see the site growing and slowly becoming the presence that 26 Squadron has always lacked.


I sincerely hope that some of the Ď26í family out there will help by sending in your crew, aircraft and memorabilia pictures as well as any records, log books, stories and anecdotes. There are undoubtedly some interesting stories that we all heard as youngsters, or that were passed on by others.


Even if memories are a little sketchy, these stories (the good and the bad) will let us all share in the lives of those that were there. It will also preserve this for future generations, so please, put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, as the case may be and send in ANYTHING related to 26 Squadron. It will all be most welcome and very much appreciated.


This site will not be successful without your contributions and input. I would like to thank Mel Herman who has been my Ďco-conspiratorí in collecting material for the site.


Those of you that are doing research; please pass on this siteís address to anyone, or any webmaster, that may be interested or able to contribute content to this site. Links to other relevent sites will be added on request.


Messages requesting information from others will be gladly posted here.


Suggestion and comments on the site, including criticism, are also welcome!


Best  regards